Join the SMART Movement to Stand Up, Speak Up and Power Up.

SMART is the New You

Women ditch perfect and find happiness. During this program, you’ll learn to add authenticity to your life. Explore ways to break out and express yourself to the world. Kimberlee shares insight, compassion and real life lessons that inspire you to accept and develop your feminine strengths to be bold and live the life you desire.

SMART Career Strategies

Businesswomen success secrets. During this program, you’ll finally embrace success by getting out of your own way. Walk away with strategies and methods you can use now to get what you want. Kimberlee shares hilarious and unbelievable stories while she reveals proven steps to achieve the abundance you deserve.

SMART Lifestyle Blueprint

Live a healthy well-balanced life. During this program, you’ll discover how wellness and health begin with clarity, insight into what is blocking you, then strategies to hold yourself plan to achieve, it’s easier to create healthy habits that keep you focused, and going strong every day.

SMART Sexy Women

Relationships Matter  During this program, you’ll find out secrets to developing and maintaining healthy, loving, sexy relationships. Find, build and maintain meaningful relationships. Love your "imperfect" family, friends and even your soul-mate. Tips to have more fun together and to create deep intimacy with the "real and raw" you. Authentic Relationships are life affirming!

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