Kimberlee Jo is a company designed and created to lead a movement to educate,
empower and support women to play big in the world.

After years of trying to be the “proverbial” perfect modern woman, where everyone wants a piece of you, Kimberlee Jo was burned out, tired and frustrated not ever being able to cross the “finish line.” What evolved? SMART is the New Perfect is a platform, a program and a community. We offer a SMART Framework designed to show women how to make the changes to “get the good stuff.” We know that transformation comes from evolution. It is the pivot, not the drastic changes that will up-level your life. The Kimberlee Jo Community offers speaking, resources, tools, on-line classes, workshops, coaching and mastermind groups to guide you to create the life of your dreams.

We know what women are capable and strong. The gap is knowing “how to play bigger.” Our research shows two major gaps on why women are not progressing in many areas of their lives. First, many women do not know their value so they stop short – they do not have the self-compassion to push through the negative noise. Second, a more practical reason is many women don’t know what to do and where to start.

SMART is the New Perfect is an iterative program with the design principles: Start to make a decision. Manage the process. Authenticate. Reality Check. Thoughtful Action. There is power in knowing exactly what your goals are and recognizing and owning what it takes to achieve them.

We all have a story and most of us have been through our own personal hell. We get it! Our company values insure that we meet you where you are in your life. We work with you to capitalize on your hard earned strengths and character traits. We nurture and build upon your feminine power and what will serve you. SMART is the New Perfect reframes your past so that you can move forward.

We also know that it is hard to ask for help. A cultural mainstream ideal is –asking for help is viewed as a weakness. Independence is a moral strength but it can also be a form of vanity. Kimberlee Jo knows this first hand. As the oldest child and having a determined strong personality, she felt that she always had to be self-sufficient and the “hero.” She learned the hard way that not asking for help can be a form of conceit. It is a very lonely place. It is a sign of not being connected. When she got honest and transparent, her life changed. She built a strong community of women who will be life-long friends.

Connection comes from being real and giving up the perfection goal. Our purpose is to have the courageous conversations to explore: What makes you come alive? What boundaries do you want to push? How do you stay relevant? How do you amplify your skill sets? What is your professional currency? How do you craft your story? How do you repackage your narrative? What do you need from your relationships? How do you create a healthy lifestyle with self-care? How do you develop a supportive environment? Our process is agile so we are constantly adapting as we connect the dots to owning your power to reinvent, evolve and transform.

We are living in a time where we do not have to conform to the way previous generations lived or it was always this way, we can design our life to maximize our happiness and optimize our contributions to the world. The key is to have a tribe to hold one another up, push one another forward and to catch one another when we fall down. We are here for you!

SMART is the New Perfect has four areas of expertise:

  • SMART is the New You
  • SMART Career Strategies
  • SMART Lifestyle Blueprint
  • SMART Sexy Woman - maybe relationship ask some women what they think